Cosmetics Without All the Crap: A Beautiful You Naturally

What’s Really in Your Cosmetics?
Binders, Chemicals and Junk Few of Us Can Even Pronounce

Chemicals are everywhere. You can’t completely get away from them, even if you go live on a mountaintop in the middle of nowhere.

And you certainly don’t want to be around more toxins and pollutants than you have to be. But if you aren’t wearing natural, organic makeup, that’s exactly what is happening.

Here is a sample of ingredients from some foundation made by a well-known cosmetics brand:

  • TETRASODIUM EDTA? (made from known carcinogen: formaldehyde and sodium cyanide, reference site lists it as a top 5 cosmetic chemical to avoid)
  • METHYLPARABEN? (can cause damage to several systems of your body)

What do these words even mean? They certainly don’t sound natural or good for your skin and health.

And they aren’t. At all.

They’re just a small sample of the chemical ingredients found in most makeup being sold today. The worst thing is that 70% of what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body. And those chemicals get processed by your liver. That doesn’t seem so great, especially when your goal is to have skin that glows.

Organic Makeup is a Much Better Alternative

Organic makeup isn’t crammed full of chemicals such as binders, fillers, and preservatives. It’s better for your skin as well as your overall health. Want to know more about why organic makeup is so great?

Check out this list of reasons why you should go organic.
  1. Regular makeup is risky.
    Face powder, blush, and lipstick have manufactured chemicals in them that can cause allergies, birth defects, and cancer. Cosmetics companies certainly aren’t going to broadcast that information. And they don’t make it easy to find the ingredients, either, unless you’re in a store reading the labels. Most of us blindly put our trust in these companies, and they don’t have our best interests at heart.But wait, you’re probably thinking. How can that be? Surely the government watches the cosmetics industry like a hawk. Here’s some unfortunate truth: the cosmetics industry isn’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (the FDA). Unlike with pharmaceuticals, the FDA has no authority to make rules about what goes into beauty products.
  1. Organic makeup is made from natural ingredients.
    Unlike regular makeup, natural makeup doesn’t contain additives. There is no list a mile long of preservatives and synthetic ingredients. Organic makeup is created with plant extracts, minerals, and other natural ingredients. You won’t find Mercury, Triethanolamine, and other potentially harmful components.Instead of those chemicals, you’ll get nutrients that help your skin. Natural makeup contains ingredients such as calcium, tea tree oil, zinc oxide, and rosemary extract. These organic ingredients improve your skin’s softness, texture, and tone. All without resorting to using things you can’t pronounce.
  1. It’s better for sensitive skin.
    The chemicals in regular cosmetics are often a nightmare for sensitive skin. This is especially true for women with eczema, rosacea, and other types of skin conditions. Foundation, powder, and blush in particular often cause irritation. It can become so bad that it ends up being necessary to visit a dermatologist.Even women who previously have had no skin problems may develop adult acne, redness, itching, or contact dermatitis from using regular makeup. Natural makeup has none of the traditional ingredients that can cause so much skin irritation. It’s far less likely to cause any problems, even for sensitive skin. In fact, many common skin problems may go away once there are no more synthetic ingredients in your makeup.
  1. Natural makeup is better for the environment.
    Think for a moment about some of those chemicals you read at the beginning of this post. Since those ingredients are artificial, they have to be created, processed, and made into a form that can easily be added to makeup. And chemical processing usually has a large, negative impact on the environment.Organic makeup, by contrast, is not as harsh on the environment. Because it’s made with plant extracts and other natural ingredients, it doesn’t have all those chemicals. Which means that it’s not only better for your face, it’s better for the environment. If being green is a concern of yours, natural makeup is the best choice.

For most of us, makeup is part of daily life. It’s something that shouldn’t make you and I have to worry about what’s going into our body and the side effects it might have in the future. Makeup is meant to enhance our appearance and boost confidence, not send you frantically Googling ingredients and symptoms.

Organic helps us look and feel beautiful. And it does it naturally without jeopardizing our health or the planet.


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